How to Balance your Christian Life

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God created man a tripartite being (spirit, soul and body) to love the Lord and enjoy life and nature. Man was created with the ability to think, love and make decisions, Isa.1:18. Man was made for God; the spirit of man was made to commune with God. Hence, the goal of every Christian is to live a “God-centered (and not self-centered) life”.
When a man accepts Christ as his saviour, Christ takes control of his life. The Holy Spirit gives the power to live a balanced Christ-centered life.
A Christian’s life can be dealt in the four largely classified aspects viz. spiritual, physical, mental and social.

1.THE SPIRITUAL ASPECT (II Pet. 3:18, I Tim. 4:12)

The spiritual area is the power supply for the Christian life. As a motor develops power for a car, the spiritual area produces “fuel” which the Holy Spirit uses to make possible the balance life. The following are the four characteristics that represent the spiritual aspect.


i. The Word of God:

This is one of the most important ways through which God speaks. Without this food, one can never grow strong spiritually. (II Tim. 3:15-17, I Pet. 2:2, Psa. 119:9,11, 97-100,105,165).

ii. Prayer

Prayer is conversation with God.
A prayer can comprise of four parts.

(a) Adoration : Praise and worship of soul to God (Ps.95:6)

(b) Confession : Repentance from every known sin (Ps.32:5)

(c) Thanks giving : Be thankful for anything, everything (Phil. 4:6)

(d) Supplication : Intercession, requests, Petitions and desires (I Tim. 2:1 )

Our prayers should be directed to God the Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.



God is loving and he wants to give His children all good things. When we obey God’s commands we find a life of joy and demonstrate our love for Him (Jeremial 7:23, I John 5:3, John 14:15, James 1:22)


iv. Witness

God gives us the privilege and joyful responsibility of sharing our
New life in Christ with others. It is neither preaching nor arguing, but sharing what we have experienced and what Jesus has done for us. As we make the effort to witness for Him, God will give us the power we need to overcome our fears and be shinning lights for Him.



The Physical area of life provides the vehicle through which God works in our body. If God is to use our body, He must control every aspect of our physical life. Personal cleanliness, care, and discipline of our body play important roles. It is the temple that God has provided for His presence.


i. Appearance (I Tim. 4:12)

Comb, soap, water, needle, thread etc. have a purpose. It is important that our skin is well scrubbed and hair combed and our clothes neat. As an ambassador of Jesus, the outlook, dressings, and actions are important. (II Cor. 5:20). Cleanliness and modesty should characterize our appearance.

ii. Health (I Cor. 6:19)

Proper care of our body will generally help to make us a better instrument for God’s use. Taking food at a proper time, doing adequate exercise and having sleep are essential for good health and development. We do not abuse our body, as it is a gift of God.

iii. Control of Sex (I Cor. 9:27, I Cor. 6:13)

Attraction to the opposite sex is normal, one can never be effective as a person or as God’s servant (Rom. 6:22) if he /she gets involved in relations that God has forbidden. God has given the gift of sex to be enjoyed only within marriage (Heb. 13:14).

iv.Discipline (I Cor. 9:26,27)

The goal of discipline is self-control. Discipline means to “train to proper conduct or action”. Discipline involves conditioning – putting aside unimportant things, in order to reach an important goal.


3.THE MENTAL AREA (Philippians 2:5)

God must control our mind since it directs our body. Developing and disciplining our mind are important steps. Our mind has unlimited potential. Here are four important features that concern with mental capacities.

i. Thoughts (Philippians 4:8)

Thoughts are roots from which grow our attitudes and motives. The things that we plant in our mind determine the kind of thoughts we have (II Cor. 10:5). The Holy Spirit wants to reveal to us some wonderful truths about living. However, He is often limited by how much we read His word. The more we seriously study His word, the more the spirit has to work with and the more spiritual counsel we have to think about.

ii. Attitudes (Pro.23:7)

Attitudes refer mostly to our thoughts and manner towards others. Our attitudes or the way we think about our self and others will greatly affect how we act. A good attitude will result in treating others with love and consideration, a bad attitude will make us behave with pride and selfishness.

iii. Motives (Phil. 1:10)

A motive is a reason for why do we do anything. It is closely related to attitude. Actions originate from motives. For example, a person can do a kind thing fro someone else (1) because he wants others to think very highly of him or (2) because the other person needs the help he can do. Motive number (1) would be a wrong or a selfish motive, whereas the later would be a good and blameless one. But who sees our hearts can judge our motives.

iv.Studies (II Tim. 2:15)

School and College life are very important too. It involves far more than formal classes at school and church. It involves relating what we are learning about history, social studies, and the physical universe to what we are learning about wisdom and understanding which come from God. On the one hand, we need to know about the physical world and on the other, we need to know about the spiritual world …and that comes from a definite plan of study.

Good study habits are essential to enable us to do the very best we can …for God, as well as for our self and others.


4. THE SOCIAL AREA (Col. 3:17)

This area includes all the people in our society – some of them we know now… school, at a college or at working spot, in our neighbor hood….and some of them we will know later. Some Christians separate themselves from other people so much that they never attract them for Christ. Do we mix with other people? People of other faith, people who are sick and suffering, people who are in some need or the other. We must accept people, regardless of their race, tribe or job position.

i. Our Associations with others (I John 4:4, James 4:4)

We need to be with people to influence them for Christ. Our involvement with others should add “flavor” (Mat. 5:13). At the same time, we need to guard against close and constant associations with those whose activities would weaken our character and spiritual life.

ii. Our Activities (I Cor.10:31)

Christ must be put firmly in the center of all our activities. God expects us to use the time wisely (Eph. 5:16). Important activities should not be neglected by spending too much time or less important activities.

iii.Our Abilities (I Cor. 4:17)

Everyone has been given at least one talent or ability. Talents should be used to glorify God.

iv. Our Actions (I Sam. 2:3)

Actions are the result of our attitudes and motives. Important goals will not be reached simply by talking or thinking about them. Planning is necessary, but plans must be carried out to be effective. Actions convey the message of love when we do them for the people who are in need.

Christian Dating Tips for 2017

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If you are new on the Christian dating scene, it is important that you educate yourself first with the tried and tested Christian dating tips before you set up any date with another Christian single. There are a lot of fun things that you can do with your Christian dating partner. Whether you meet a potential dating partner through common friends or through online Christian dating sites, it is essential that you know what to do in order for you to make the most out of your date and enjoy the time you spend with your partner. Just remember that the most important goal in all Christian relationships is honoring God.

Christian Dating Tips for Women

One of the most important Christian dating tips for women is not to reveal too much personal information until you are completely sure that you can trust a person of the opposite sex. While this is the most important of all Christian dating tips, all the women looking for potential dates, whether Christian or not, should be careful in revealing private information about themselves. All a person needs to track you down is your name and your location, so make sure that you can trust the guy before giving him your name and your number for your own safety.

Christian Dating Tips for Women: Respond Even if You’re Not Interested

If a Christian single of the opposite sex shows interest in dating you, you should always show courtesy by responding at least once to their messages. This is one of the very important Christian Dating Tips not only for women but for men as well. Even if you would not become interested, you should reply to their messages with something that will tell them that you are not interested while making sure that you let them down in the most polite and appropriate way. You should thank them first for showing interest then tell them that you believe the two of you would not be a good match.

Christian Dating Tips for Women: Do Not Initiate

Another tried and tested Christian dating tips for women is to never do the first move. Do not be the one to initiate the next move. Allow the guy to be the one to take the initiative, whether it would be a personal meeting or a phone call. Almost all guys out there, especially Christian guys, like to make the first move rather than the girls making the initial contact. If you are too pushy or too aggressive, the other Christian singles out there would probably have a wrong impression on you. However, if you allow them to make the first move, then you can rest assured that he will treat you with respect.

Online Christian Dating Tips for Women: Posting Discrete and Respectable Photos

There are many Christian dating tips for women who are looking for honest, respectable and godly partners of the opposite sex online. If you would like to find another Christian single that would treat you with respect, then make sure that you post discrete pictures of yourself online. If you post revealing photos such as you wearing short dresses or other revealing clothes, you are giving the other singles a wrong impression that is guaranteed to attract the wrong kind of people who are not even Christians. Instead of doing this you could post photos of yourself doing something that you truly enjoy.

Christian Dating Tips for Men: Be Patient

One of the most important Christian dating tips that Christian men should always remember is to always be patient. Do not push a person of the opposite sex to take the relationship to the next level too quickly. If you truly want a Christian relationship with a Christian woman, then you should know better than to make a move too quickly. Be patient and allow her to be comfortable before proceeding. If you push a woman by telling her that you would like to meet her personally or would like to call her, she might get anxious and may even choose not to be in contact with you anymore.

Christian Dating Tips for Men: Treat Women as Your Sisters in Christ

Another of the many important Christian dating tips for men is for Christian men to always remember that all single Christian women out there are their sisters in Christ. So make sure that everything you do to all the Christian singles of the opposite sex shows them that you treat them as your sisters in Christ. This means that you should always honor Christian women, you should always show them respect, gentleness, and kindness and you should always exercise self-control as well as patience.

Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women: Talk a Lot

Talking a lot is one of the most effective Christian dating tips for both Christian men and Christian women. This allows both of them to get to know the other person better. Choose to bring up a topic that you really find interesting and see if it interests the other person as well. If not, then you could have him or her talk about the things that they find interesting. Just remember to allow the other person to talk freely as well, to make sure that both of you will get to know each other better.

Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women: No Sex (Simulated or Not)

Christian dating tips are not limited to both sexes being respectful, kind, generous and godly to one another. These tried and tested dating tips for both Christian men and women also include not having sex, whether simulated or not. If you think that violating the sexual purity standards of God is fine, then you are completely wrong. Sex is not only performed through intercourse, it also includes touching of breasts, touching of genitalia over or under clothes, simulated sex, masturbation, and oral sex.

Brake the Hate

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In life you are going to come across many people who have hate in their heart. Whatever the root cause for this it’s not acceptable. But for a lot of people you won’t be able to change their opinions of you or something you believe in. Which is why I firmly believe in if you come across these people you need to forget about or brake the hate. You may wan’t to hate this person for the venomous opinions and feelings they express but you should do your best to “forgive and forget”. If you continue to walk through life with this sort of hatred in your life you will always harbor ill will and have a more negative attitude.

Here are a few ideas on ways your can break the hate:

  • Focus on the positives of someone who has offended or hurt you in some way.
    • You aren’t going to be there best friend but you can try to find good things about this person. This will help you try to find some common ground and good in a person. If you find any semblance of good it is much easier to move past the bad.
  • Forgive and forget and move on:
    • While you may not be able to change a bad person’s feelings you can forgive them and move on. The idea is that you will forget them and never think about the offences they did.

There are a lot of other ways in which you can brake the hate. The inspiration for this opinion piece actually came from when I was changing the breaks on my car. I had looked up “how to change  your break pads” on Google and had come across the site mentioned above. As I was changing my break pads it got me thinking how I deal with people is a lot like these break pads. More specifically as I was changing my pads I couldn’t get a certain one off my car. As I tried to force it off I got more and more frustrated. I felt that in life I am the same way to toxic people. I may try my best to change their opinions but in a lot of cases there opinions won’t change and nothing will be fixed. I can either get angry or I can move on. I suggest you all move on as well.

Remember break the hate.

The Matthew Shepard Story

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Years and years ago I was in a Sociology class. My teacher showed us this extremely powerful video about Matthew Shepard. To be honest I had never seen the video before this or even heard of Matthew Shepard. But watching this video changed my life and the way I think about LGBT rights. This video really illustrates hatred and what we need to erase from our lives.


LGBT: Love Goes Beyond Titles

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Inclusion or seclusion? This is the question many religious people ask themselves.

Perform a quick Google search of “LGBT” and you will find story after story with roots deep in hurt, anger, and opinions. Name calling, finger pointing, and downright mean comments are coming from both ends of the spectrum. It is despairing to see others use their words to hurt, especially when it’s intentional.

LGBT is a hot topic in the church. Some churches don’t talk about it, some make loud hurtful statements, but thankfully more and more churches are approaching the topic with grace.

While the Bible makes clear how and why God created marriage, He probably isn’t happy with the way the Church (as a whole) treats the LGBT community. Each and every person was made with purpose. Whether they choose to follow their calling or not, they are still very loved by their Creator. We need to remember that.

Race should not separate us. Class should not separate us. Identity should not separate us. In God’s Kingdom, there will be no sin. No sin means no separation, just pure intimacy with our Abba Father.

The LGBT community should not be treated any differently than anyone else. This includes how we treat our boss, the store clerk, the homeless, the wealthy, and your neighbor. Jesus himself said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments,” Matthew 22:37-40

So instead of wondering how the Church should treat the LGBT community, if you follow Jesus, you can stop questioning love and start loving.

  • Treat all people as intelligent human beings. This one seems obvious, but sometimes it’s good to point out the obvious. Whether someone is educated or uneducated, woman or man, rich or poor, democrat or republican—they matter. They matter to God and they should matter to you and me. We don’t always have to agree on opinions, but we should always show respect for God’s creation.

One day, maybe today, each of us will stand before God and He is going to judge us according to our works, 2 Corinthians 5:10. Jesus showed us how to love well as His entire life was spent in preparation to be crucified so that you and I could be set free from our sin. He washed us white as snow.

  • Use your time and energy to do God’s work. The matters of this world are temporary. Joy can be found in service such as feeding the hungry, housing the orphan, generously giving, and loving your neighbor as yourself. Love is a verb and you can show it to others with your actions.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27 NIV

Whether you are a Jesus follower or not, may this post bless you in knowing Jesus is drawing you nearer and always choose the right. It is not a coincidence you came across this post. Understand, these words are not to shame anyone. These words are meant to speak truth over the reader. If you seek your Creator, He will show you deep truths that only He can explain. May the LGBT community find healing from the wounds that have been spoken over them in the past and come to see Jesus followers surrounding them with love and grace.