Christian Dating Tips for 2017

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If you are new on the Christian dating scene, it is important that you educate yourself first with the tried and tested Christian dating tips before you set up any date with another Christian single. There are a lot of fun things that you can do with your Christian dating partner. Whether you meet a potential dating partner through common friends or through online Christian dating sites, it is essential that you know what to do in order for you to make the most out of your date and enjoy the time you spend with your partner. Just remember that the most important goal in all Christian relationships is honoring God.

Christian Dating Tips for Women

One of the most important Christian dating tips for women is not to reveal too much personal information until you are completely sure that you can trust a person of the opposite sex. While this is the most important of all Christian dating tips, all the women looking for potential dates, whether Christian or not, should be careful in revealing private information about themselves. All a person needs to track you down is your name and your location, so make sure that you can trust the guy before giving him your name and your number for your own safety.

Christian Dating Tips for Women: Respond Even if You’re Not Interested

If a Christian single of the opposite sex shows interest in dating you, you should always show courtesy by responding at least once to their messages. This is one of the very important Christian Dating Tips not only for women but for men as well. Even if you would not become interested, you should reply to their messages with something that will tell them that you are not interested while making sure that you let them down in the most polite and appropriate way. You should thank them first for showing interest then tell them that you believe the two of you would not be a good match.

Christian Dating Tips for Women: Do Not Initiate

Another tried and tested Christian dating tips for women is to never do the first move. Do not be the one to initiate the next move. Allow the guy to be the one to take the initiative, whether it would be a personal meeting or a phone call. Almost all guys out there, especially Christian guys, like to make the first move rather than the girls making the initial contact. If you are too pushy or too aggressive, the other Christian singles out there would probably have a wrong impression on you. However, if you allow them to make the first move, then you can rest assured that he will treat you with respect.

Online Christian Dating Tips for Women: Posting Discrete and Respectable Photos

There are many Christian dating tips for women who are looking for honest, respectable and godly partners of the opposite sex online. If you would like to find another Christian single that would treat you with respect, then make sure that you post discrete pictures of yourself online. If you post revealing photos such as you wearing short dresses or other revealing clothes, you are giving the other singles a wrong impression that is guaranteed to attract the wrong kind of people who are not even Christians. Instead of doing this you could post photos of yourself doing something that you truly enjoy.

Christian Dating Tips for Men: Be Patient

One of the most important Christian dating tips that Christian men should always remember is to always be patient. Do not push a person of the opposite sex to take the relationship to the next level too quickly. If you truly want a Christian relationship with a Christian woman, then you should know better than to make a move too quickly. Be patient and allow her to be comfortable before proceeding. If you push a woman by telling her that you would like to meet her personally or would like to call her, she might get anxious and may even choose not to be in contact with you anymore.

Christian Dating Tips for Men: Treat Women as Your Sisters in Christ

Another of the many important Christian dating tips for men is for Christian men to always remember that all single Christian women out there are their sisters in Christ. So make sure that everything you do to all the Christian singles of the opposite sex shows them that you treat them as your sisters in Christ. This means that you should always honor Christian women, you should always show them respect, gentleness, and kindness and you should always exercise self-control as well as patience.

Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women: Talk a Lot

Talking a lot is one of the most effective Christian dating tips for both Christian men and Christian women. This allows both of them to get to know the other person better. Choose to bring up a topic that you really find interesting and see if it interests the other person as well. If not, then you could have him or her talk about the things that they find interesting. Just remember to allow the other person to talk freely as well, to make sure that both of you will get to know each other better.

Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women: No Sex (Simulated or Not)

Christian dating tips are not limited to both sexes being respectful, kind, generous and godly to one another. These tried and tested dating tips for both Christian men and women also include not having sex, whether simulated or not. If you think that violating the sexual purity standards of God is fine, then you are completely wrong. Sex is not only performed through intercourse, it also includes touching of breasts, touching of genitalia over or under clothes, simulated sex, masturbation, and oral sex.