Brake the Hate

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In life you are going to come across many people who have hate in their heart. Whatever the root cause for this it’s not acceptable. But for a lot of people you won’t be able to change their opinions of you or something you believe in. Which is why I firmly believe in if you come across these people you need to forget about or brake the hate. You may wan’t to hate this person for the venomous opinions and feelings they express but you should do your best to “forgive and forget”. If you continue to walk through life with this sort of hatred in your life you will always harbor ill will and have a more negative attitude.

Here are a few ideas on ways your can break the hate:

  • Focus on the positives of someone who has offended or hurt you in some way.
    • You aren’t going to be there best friend but you can try to find good things about this person. This will help you try to find some common ground and good in a person. If you find any semblance of good it is much easier to move past the bad.
  • Forgive and forget and move on:
    • While you may not be able to change a bad person’s feelings you can forgive them and move on. The idea is that you will forget them and never think about the offences they did.

There are a lot of other ways in which you can brake the hate. The inspiration for this opinion piece actually came from when I was changing the breaks on my car. I had looked up “how to change  your break pads” on Google and had come across the site mentioned above. As I was changing my break pads it got me thinking how I deal with people is a lot like these break pads. More specifically as I was changing my pads I couldn’t get a certain one off my car. As I tried to force it off I got more and more frustrated. I felt that in life I am the same way to toxic people. I may try my best to change their opinions but in a lot of cases there opinions won’t change and nothing will be fixed. I can either get angry or I can move on. I suggest you all move on as well.

Remember break the hate.

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